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If enough people register, your event is on!

 Set Your Goal

Set the minimum number of people you need for your event to happen, pick a deadline, and rest easy. We'll automatically test your event for feasibility!

 Start Gathering

Spread the word and push your event to critical mass! We help you give people powerful incentives to register early and then share your event with their friends.

 It's On

Once you meet your goal, we'll automatically let everyone know that it's a go! Registrants can lock it into their calendars and you can safely make your event's arrangements.

 Eliminate Risk

Quorent takes the risk out of proposing an event! If your quorent doesn't meet its goal, it is automatically withdrawn. No money is collected and we take care of all the notifications.

 Use Quorent for Free

Quorents are free! You can use one whenever you want to bring people together. (If you need to charge for your event, we'll collect the money for a small service fee.)

$$ Collect Money Safely

If you need to charge for your event, we'll gather credit card information during registration. Money is only collected after you've reached your goal, so there's no need to worry about refunds if there aren't enough participants for your event.

 Reward Social Sharing

Enlist your registrants in helping your event reach its participation goal, and reward them with an automatic price discount for each new participant their social sharing brings.

 Manage Tickets

Controlling access to your event is a snap! Each participant is issued a unique ticket that they can print, and you can use our free tools for roster management and ticket-taking.


Everyone stays in the loop! You can post updates, and others can post comments to stir up the buzz. Plus, we automatically keep everyone informed of your event's status.